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Soccer charity match

Led and hosted a soccer charity event with 3 other members to raise $500 towards opioid addiction reduction. My role required me to analyze and record data, create/design social media posts and to locate ideal facilities for the event. Showcased teamwork, interpersonal and organizational skills by planning weekly meetings for over 3 months to discuss progress with other group members. I leveraged my social skills and online marketing to advertise the event on social media in order to increase participation.  


Marketing assistant

High-achieving Marketing Assistant focused on optimizing campaign performance to drive business success. One year of experience in field. Track record of satisfied customers and notable results.While working with the Money Freedom Insurance company as a Marketing rep, I was responsible for filing/reviewing applications, website maintenance, communication with clients, email responses, recording data on Microsoft excel, and communicating with clients daily. 


Online marketing

 Bakaxbaka is an designer clothes business that has several competitors in its industry. My ongoing role to help the growth of this business required me to create designs, social media posts, and editing their website. 

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